R graphics

The ggplot2 package (See http://docs.ggplot2.org/current/)
  • Geom (shapes of the plot elements):  point, bar, smooth, boxplot, jitter, line, polygon, txt, pointrange, histogram, density, path
  • Stat (data transformation):   identity, bin, summary, smooth, density
  • Scale: linear, scale_x_log10, scale_x_sqrt
  • Coordinate system: Cartesian
  • Mappings (aes):  fill, x, y, colour
Each layer has data + mapping + geom + stat + position + parameters

The aes = asethetic function shows relationships

Parameters modify appearance:  geom_smooth(method=lm), stat_bin(binwidth=100)

Colors:  hue, brewer, grey, manual, gradient, gradient2