Final paper (20 pts)

You should write a final paper describing what you learned about your gene. Your paper should be approximately 3 - 5 pages in length (single-spaced) and may include a few figures or tables. You should include the following information. For each item, a possible source is listed, but this isn't the only source you can or should use. 

Abstract: Short summary of the rest of the paper.

Gene overview:

  • Basic features of the gene: size, number of exons and variants, location on the chromosome (NCBI Gene)
  • Other known features of the gene including epigenetic information (NCBI)
  • Information about known gene function and cellular location (GO information from NCBI)
  • Cancers that this gene is known to be relevant to (tumorportal, NCBI)
  • Summary of SNPs observed relevant to this gene (lab3, tumorportal, NCBI)
  • Sequence similarity of your gene (protein) and its mouse homolog (lab3, NCBI BLAST)
  • A least one pathway that your gene is involved in and a list of the other genes in that pathway (lab 5)
Discussion of paper you choose: summarize the results of the paper you picked (lab 6) and how it relates to your gene.

Conclusions: A concluding discussion of what you learned about the gene and its function and what you think needs to be studied.

The paper should be uploaded to Blackboard before the final examination on May 9 at 9:45 am.

Final presentation (5 pts)
You will give a short (~10 min) presentation of your gene and what your learned about it. You should upload the Powerpoint slides for this presentation to BB after the final exam.