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CS 4593 AT Bioinformatics (from a data perspective)

Data and computing are revolutionizing the way scientists search for the causes and cures of complex diseases. This course explores bioinformatics from a data perspective. As we explore bioinformatics data and its implications, we will address the following topics:
  • Next gen sequencing and the $50 genome
  • Epigenetics – why sequencing isn’t enough
  • Computing with public “Omics” data for discovery
Through the course we will focus on the underlying problem of understanding the causes of cancer as a unifying problem. The course will emphasize hands-on activities with real datasets to make the ideas concrete and to answer biological questions. We’ll use the R programming environment as well as several other computational and data-handling tools. We'll also work some on writing and understanding scientific papers. We will use a focus paper for each of these topics. Here are links to course resources:


Resources (bioinformatics)

This course is being offered at UTSA in the Department of Computer Science in Spring 2014.