The San Antonio Bioinformatics Initiative brings together a community of researchers, educators, students, and citizens to further understanding and use of data in understanding and solving health problems, with special emphasis on cancer and health disparities. Currently we have a planning grant from the NIH (P20-CA165583) whose goal is to investigate and promote the develop of research opportunities and academic programs that strengthen collaboration between cancer researchers at UTHSCSA (University of Texas Health Science Center-San Antonio) and UTSA (University of Texas at San Antonio) with quantitative scientists at both institutions, but particularly at UTSA. UTSA faculty from Biology, Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Statistics and Management Science are participating. We particular seek to develop and support state-of-the art training in computational biology and bioinformatics in San Antonio.

Our program has three mutually supporting initiatives:

  1. Education: We are working on computational and curricular infrastructure to support joint bioinformatics research and academic programs. Our short-term goal is to increase the visibility, coordination, and relevance of bioinformatics course offerings across UTSA. Our intermediate goal is to develop concentrations in bioinformatics in one or more UTSA departments at the undergraduate or graduate level, with a long-term goal of the creation of an interdisciplinary graduate program in bioinformatics.
  2. Summer internships: We are providing training opportunities for undergraduate and master's level UTSA students to work in the laboratories of cancer researchers at UTHSCSA.
  3. Workshops and training: We also provide workshops and training on the latest data-driven research techniques for addressing the complex issues that arise in cancer research.